Belt driven Live Roller Conveyors


Fixed Width




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Our V-25-AF(8, 10, 12) have 22 inch wide runways. This allows a wide variety of vehicles to be raised up to 72" so all service work can be done while standing. The lift has capacities of 25,000 or 30,000 pounds. It is portable, has removable runway panels for complete access to the vehicle and a removable floor beam to allow service equipment and toolboxes to be rolled under the vehicle. And of course, it complies with all applicable OSHA and ANSI requirements, has automatic safety backup features, and comes with a one-year warranty.


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The Lift-A-Lift® service lift, model V-13-A, is designed to allow complete access to the underside parts of forklifts, industrial trucks and motor vehicles for lubrication, repair, or part replacement.  Just drive the vehicle onto the 16 inch wide runways. The self-leveling lift raises the vehicle up to 71 inches so all maintenance can be performed.


Adjustable Width





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The Lift-A-Lift® truck lift is portable with removable runway panels and floor beams for easier access. Standard 18 inch wide runways adjust hydraulically from 56" to 76" on the 20,000#, 30,000# and 40,000# service lift. The width adjustment feature accommodates a wide range of industrial vehicles. And of course, it complies with all applicable OSHA and ANSI requirements, has automatic safety backup features, and comes with a one-year warranty.




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The Tilt-A-Lift® service lift simplifies maintenance and repair of forklifts and other short-wheel based industrial vehicles. Just set the width of the portable unit to the required distance and drive the vehicle onto the loading ramp and into position. The Tilt-A-Lift® tilts the vehicle as much as 60° from horizontal using no cables, chains, or worm screws and allows easy access to underside parts for lubrication, repair or part replacement.
Two standard service lift models are available:

  • The S-15-A has a 15,000# G.V.W. capacity.Details
  • The C-25-A can handle vehicles up to 25,000# G.V.W.Details



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The V-13-AAPS Port-A-Lift portable service lift has a 13,000# G.V.W. capacity and is available with a wide variety of popular options to enhance its versatility. The portable service lift is easily transported to any location. After the wheels and fenders are removed, the lift is hydraulically lowered to the ground and the unit becomes a fully functional four-post Lift-A-Lift®. The V-13-AAPS can be operated using an LP gas generator or can be plugged into a 220 volt single phase outlet. The 3 horse power-pack makes safe, easy work of maintaining your industrial vehicle fleet.




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The Tilter industrial vehicle service lift is the simple and economical solution to industrial vehicle maintenance problems.  Just drive the vehicle onto the adjustable Tilter service lift.  The industrial vehicle lift drops down automatically, allowing easy access to underside parts for maintenance and part replacement. It features structural steel construction and self-locking rear legs with a manual release.  The front legs are permanently locked. A wide variety of popular options is available to increase its utility.



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Fast Safe and Easy Forklift Maintenance.  This revolutionary machine tilts forklifts a full 90°, thereby offering unobstructed access to the entire vehicle underbody.  Just drive the vehicle onto the Tipper service lift, and let the Tipper do the rest. Nothing could be more-simple or more cost effective.  In fact, a major automotive supplier saved 1,576 maintenance hours on 40 electric trucks in a single year using the Tipper.


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