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Bulletin #24-1401

PowerFlex Conveyors

The Powerflex Powered Flexible Conveyor is designed for those times when a fixed conveyor is not applicable and a non - powered solution is not practical. Band -driven, 1.5 inch rollers are powered by a 90 volt DC motor. Height adjustment and an expansion ratio of 3:1 allows the Powerflex to be a truly flexible Conveyor Solution.

Bulletin #BC-1601

Custom Belt Conveyor System

This featured product spotlights a full system of custom belt conveyors and gravity conveyors for handling rolls of insulation. These conveyors are v-guided w/ center drives and take ups, allowing them to be reversible. In this formation, the gravity conveyors will be feeding the belt conveyors using the turning wheels shown mounted on the gravity conveyors.

Bulletin #BC-1602

Laundry Receiving Crescent Belt 700SB

Loose laundry loads weighing 400lbs infeed into an 8' long 36" high hopper.

Attached knock-down bars insure laundry gets on the belt while belt guards and deflectors prevent laundry from tangling in the belt.

Raised crescent nodules on the belt provide grip to move laundry up an incline.

Bulletin #CA-1801

Barrier Protection

Forklift barriers help protect equipment, inventory and personnel. These barriers function as an obstacle between forklifts and equipment and workers providing a safer work environment while reducing equipment down time and maintenance

Bulletin #CA-1802

Forklift Protection

Forklift Stop Plates
Forklift stops help protect equipment, inventory and personnel. These stops function as an obstacle between forklifts and equipment and workers providing a safer work environment while reducing equipment down time and maintenance.
Forklift Extended Stop Plates
Forklift stops are available in a wide range of lengths and heights.

Bulletin #CA-1803

Speed Controllers

Designed for a Variety of Capacities
Mallard's speed controllers are designed to work with a variety of weights and environments. From the smallest container weighing 25# to pallets weighing 3000#, Mallard speed controllers ensure your products safely travel down the lane.

Bulletin #CA-1804

Gravity & Powered Roller Swing Gate Conveyor

Swing Gate vs. Manual Lift Gates
- Pneumatic blade style stops to stop product flow while gates are open.
- Safety pin to keep conveyor locked in to the "run" position.
- Casters for a easy opening & closing action.
- Powered swing gate equipped with ultrex roller sleeves and photo eyes for a safe, controlled product flow.
- Perfect solution for ease of movement throughout a plant without the need for conveyor crossovers or manual lift gates.

Bulletin #CA-1805

Product Side Guides

Available in fixed or adjustable with multiple contact surfaces. Allows product to be guided and kept in place within the conveying surface. Side guides are bolted into the conveying frame.

Bulletin #CA-1806

Fixed Product End Stops

End Stops - Allows product to stop at the end of a conveyor line. Fixed and adjustable end stops are available.

Adjustable End Stop - Formed or structural steel adjustable end stop bolted to the conveyor frame with manually adjusted stop positions. Height is not adjustable. Fixed End Stop - Structural channel bolted or welded to the end of the conveyor with optional structural angle reinforcement. Fixed end stops can include fork cut outs for loading and unloading.

Back Stop - Fixed or Adjustable back stop allows for easy product positioning when loading.

Bulletin #CA-1807

Pop-Up Product Stops

Pin & Blade Stops - Pneumatically or manually operated pin or blade that pops up between rollers to accumulate product.

Pop-Up Blade Stop - Used to stop products in the conveying line. Mounted to underside of conveyor, pneumatic cylinder raises blade.

Rotating Blade Stop - Allows product placement within a lower mechanical profile.

Pin Stop - Mounted to underside of conveyor. Pneumatic cylinder raises pins. Typically utilize on round product. Pin & Blade Stops - Pneumatically or manually operated pin, blade and roller stop that pops up between rollers in order to accumulate product.

Manual Pop-Up Blade Stop - Used to stop products in the conveying line. Mounted to underside of the conveyor. Side handle for manually raising blade. Load capacity is rated for maximum accumulated back pressure of 75#.

Pin Stop - Mounted to underside of conveyor. Pneumatic cylinder raises pins. Typically utilized on round product.

Bulletin #CA-1808

Product Pushers

Product pushers are used to push products perpendicularly from one conveyor traffic lane to another traveling in the same or opposite direction, into or out of operator workstations or off of the conveyor system completely. They are used in conjunction with sensors and product stops for required traffic control and can incorporate either a rodless cylinder or standard air cylinder. While pusher cylinders are normally mounted below the roller system with the pusher operating in a space created by removing one or more roller shafts, they can also be mounted above the roller surface if the application so requires.


Bulletin #CA-1809

Conveyor Floor Supports

Supports - Available in single or multi-tier and with caster options for portability. Supports are designed to be bolted or welded to the conveyor frame. Supports are shipped loose or mounted.

Bulletin #CA-1810

Ceiling Hangers

When conveyors must be suspended from the ceiling, our ceiling hanger assemblies provide a comfortable fit. Rods are all-threaded to allow for ease of vertical adjustments at ANY elevation.

Bulletin #CA-1811

Conveyor Walkovers

Filler Plate - Formed steel mounted between strands.

Stainless Steel - Conveyors are available in stainless steel materials for wash-down applications or harsh environments.

Bulletin #CA-1812

Conveyor Crossovers

Walkovers allow personnel a safe passage over a conveyor line.

Bulletin #CA-1813

Transition Roller Stands

Taylor Material Handling & Conveyor offers custom solutions to all your transition and turntable needs.

Bulletin #CC-1901

Roller Coatings & Sleeves

Improved Traction
Coatings can prevent product slippage on the conveyor.

Noise Reduction
Coatings can help produce less noise when contacting product and can be combined with ABEC-1 bearings for even less roller noise.

Product Protection
Coatings cushion product surfaces, reducing scratching and marring. Prolonged Roller Life Coatings can help protect rollers from abrasions, dents and other wear. Rollers available with urethane and vinyl sleeves. Coatings available in cast urethane, mill able urethane, black rubber, food grade and other materials based on the application. Slip Sleeves for minimum pressure accumulation.

Bulletin #CT-1701

Packaging Cell

This featured packaging cell is a fully automated conveyor system we recently finished for an auto manufacturer in the southeast part of the United States. The customer had very little floor space to work with and wanted to integrate the ability to load and unload the container by forklift while maintaining a safe work environment for the assembly operators while loading the container.

Bulletin #CT-1702

DBS Conveyors - Driven Both Sides

Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyors, commonly referred to as CDLR, provides a positively driven, heavy duty, live roller conveyor. Because of the positive chain and sprocket drive, its an ideal choice for conveying pallets, containers, drums and other heavy unit loads. In addition, it's well-suited for dirty or oiling environments, where other types of live roller conveyors won't perform.

Bulletin #CT-1703

7 Strand Belt Transfer

The 7 strand transfer is moving steel, in the flat, off of a line shaft conveyor to be moved to the next stage of the manufacturing process. These strands have a 2” wide Nitrile roughtop belt to avoid scratching the metal while being transferred and have UHMW post which serve as a product stop. These 7 strands are spaced at varying distances to accommodate multiple lengths of metal up to 32 ft. weighing as much as 150 lbs.

Bulletin #EL-2901

PalletPal Walkie

The PalletPal Walkie from Southworth Products mounts to any standard electric walkie or walkie/rider pallet truck to make order picking faster, safer and easier. Built on the proven design of PalletPal Level Loaders, the PalletPal Walkie uses a calibrated spring mechanism to automatically adjust the height of a pallet load as boxes are added or removed. The top layer of the load is always at a comfortable, convenient working height allowing employees to load or offload items with no bending, stretching or awkward posture.

Bulletin #EL-2902

Re-Designed PalletPal Level Loader

Southworth Products Corp has redesigned its popular, timetested PalletPal Level Loader to make it still more ergonomic. A new, smaller base makes loading and unloading pallets faster, safer, and easier because it lets the user step even closer to the unit’s platform, for the best access to palletized loads. The PalletPal revolutionized manual palletizing in the United States when it was introduced more than 25 years ago. Its use virtually eliminates the productivity-robbing, injuryproducing bending, lifting, reaching, and stretching common to pallet-loading applications.

Bulletin #EL-2903

Stack-N-Go Powered Stackers

New Stack-n-Go™ fully powered compact stackers from Southworth Products Corp offer many ergonomic features. Built on short but stable wheelbases, they provide maximum maneuverability, even in tight quarters. Ideal for use in light manufacturing, warehousing, assembly, and retail facilities, these versatile, multi-purpose machines are designed for transporting loads on pallets and stacking loads up to 7½ feet high. They can also serve as adjustable workstations for loading and unloading.

Bulletin #EL-2904

Surface Mount Dock Platforms

New Surface Mount Dock Lifts from Southworth provide users all the convenience and versatility of a permanent scissor dock lift without the expense or hassle of digging a pit, making them ideal for leased or temporary buildings. With a lowered height of just 5” and fully raised height of 58” the Surface Mount Dock Lift can access loads on truck beds of any height and transfer them to a fixed height loading dock or to grade level. A built-in 30” ramp creates a gentle 9° slope, providing easy pallet jack accessibility. Diamond tread on the deck, bridge plate, and access ramp also promote excellent traction.

Bulletin #EL-2905

LiftMat Low Profile Lift

The low-profile LiftMat™ lift table from Southworth Products descends to just 3¼ inches above the floor and accommodates any skid or pallet, including closed-bottom designs. The ergonomic table minimizes back strain while reducing costs and raising productivity. When the unit is equipped with an optional diamond-plate ramp, workers can feed and offload it with a hand pallet truck or rolling cart, making it ideal for use in tight spaces, work cells, or anywhere that a fork lift is unavailable.

Bulletin #EL-2906

PalletPal Roll-In Leveler

The PalletPal Roll-In™ Level Loader from Southworth is a manual palletizer that makes loading and unloading full pallets easier than ever. Thanks to its unique low-profile, open-ended platform, the Roll-In allows the forks of an ordinary hand pallet truck to literally roll into it, in between the platform's outer beams and a center support beam, while the pallet ends up on top of the scissor-lift platform. This innovative design, which accommodates loads on any open-bottom pallet or skid, ensures that the load is evenly placed when the hand truck is lowered and rolled away

Bulletin #FM-3001

Tilt-or-Lift Fork Truck Maintenance Lifts

Fast, Safe, and Easy Maintenance for Forklifts, Industrial Vehicles, and Light Trucks. The Lift-A-Lift® forklift service lift is designed to allow complete access to underside parts of forklifts and other short-wheel based industrial vehicles for lubrication, repair or parts replacement. Just drive the vehicle onto the adjustable runways. The self-leveling service lift raises the vehicle up to 71 inches, so all maintenance can be performed while standing. The Lift-A-Lift® truck lift is portable with removable runway panels and floor beams for easier access. Standard 18 inch wide runways adjust hydraulically from 56" to 76" on the 20,000#, 30,000# and 40,000# service lift. The width adjustment feature accommodates a wide range of industrial vehicles.

Bulletin #OS-3302

Ergonomic Overhead Vacuum Lift Assist Workstation

This featured product shows a Anver vacuum tube lifting device mounted to a Gorbel workstation jib crane allowing workers to work safely and efficiently. We were presented with the task of creating an ergonomic solution and increasing production on several lines in this plant.

Bulletin #OS-3303

Telescoping Bridge on Free Standing Work Station Crane w/ Roll Handling

The Industry: Semiconductor and Related Devices Product: Free Standing Work Station Cranes with Telescoping Bridge

The Problem: A company that manufactures Solar Panels in Mississauga, Ontario wanted to improve the way their workers loaded 1000 lb rolls of vinyl into a process machine. Their production demands had increased to the point that they needed a second processing center. The floor area was very congested and there was an overhead venting obstruction associated with the new machine installation that could not easily be modified. A standard Bridge Crane layout would not work as a lifting solution because of this obstruction. Consideration was given to using two jib cranes but that idea was disqualified because it would have meant a two‐step lifting operation to handle the rolls.

Bulletin #PH-2401

Low Profile Transfer Cart

This Low Profile Transfer Cart receives product racks at a low elevation of 9” for easier manual loading of the racks. It then travels to the receiving conveyor, elevates to 19” via scissor-lift, and transfers the loaded racks onto conveyor. The conveyor and transfer cart are powered by MDR (Motorized Drive Rollers).

Bulletin #SC-2701

Box Rotator

This dual lane staggered live roller conveyor was designed to rotate boxes. The 2 lanes have separate drives running the same direction at different speeds. The speed can be adjusted on either lane causing the box to rotate to a desired position.

Bulletin #TT-2601

Table Top Chain Conveyor w/ Parts Pusher

These two conveyors were part of an automatic parts machining and wash system. Conveyor #1 shown in the two middle pictures below is equipped with parts meters and the adjustable side guide w/ UHMW rails. This conveyor was designed to feed a robot completing the finishing touches on their parts. Once the robot completes its cycle, the parts are placed back down on a table and funneled back onto Conveyor #2 shown above. This conveyor is equipped with a parts pusher and the same adjustable rails.

Bulletin #TT-2602

Tabletop Metal Chain Conveyor

Tabletop Chain Conveyors are designed to move bottles, cans, packages, and other products along a processing line with maximum efficiency and minimum pressure. This 750TTC includes a high carbon steel chain which offers excellent corrosion and abrasion resistance and strength and can handle extreme temperatures. Roach Conveyors has the resources and experience to provide an

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