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We are material handling and conveyor systems distributors featuring engineering services, custom fabrication, and installation. That’s Taylor Material Handling & Conveyor’s total custom solution scope for your unique application. We are authorized distributors, dealers for all of the following brand name equipment for industrial and commercial facilities and warehouses. It is a comprehensive product offering to properly address the most complex applications down to the simplest. Taylor proudly stocks “Made in America” equipment serving Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and the entire United States. Contact us today for a no-obligation discussion and a quote. We can meet with you at your location, if required. Thank You from the TMH team.

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Ergonomic Lifting Solutions

Industrial Racking & Storage

  • Racking
    • Husky Rack & Wire
    • Mallard Manufacturing
    • Modern Equipment Company
    • Nashville Wire
    • RhinoTrac
    • Steel King
    • 3D Storage Solutions
    • Unarco
    • Unex
    • Unirak
    • World Wide Material Handling
  • Industrial Storage
    • Akro Mills
    • Hallowell
    • Jamco
    • Little Giant
    • Quantum Storage Systems
    • StrongHold
    • Tennsco

Packaging Automation

Warehouse & Safety Equipment

Cranes & Monorails

Hoists, Trolleys & Electrification

Below the Hook Attachments

Advance Lifts

Advance Lifts was founded in 1974 and quickly became the leading scissor lift, industrial turntables, and dock lift manufacturer in the country. Over the years our product lines expanded to include production lift tables, tilters, turntables, dumpers, mezzanine lifts, work access platform lifts and stretch wrappers.

  • Dumpers

  • E-Series Lift

  • Lift, Tilt and Turn

  • High Cycle Lifts

Akro Mils

Akro-Mils provides storage bins, hanging systems, totes, containers, utility carts, hand trucks, dollies and cabinets for parts storage and industrial material handling systems.

  • Akro-Mils Storage

Alba Manufacturing

Alba Manufacturing, established in 1973, provides pre-engineered heavy duty roller conveyor and systems. Pre-Engineered conveyor is available in a variety of sizes and quantities. Types of conveyor include chain driven live roller, zero pressure accumulation, drag chain, gravity, lift and rotate, pallet stackers and dispensers, turntables, chain transfers and transfer cars. Industries and distribution include aerospace, appliance, automotive, beverage, castings, chemicals, dairy, distribution, food, forgings, foundry, manufacturing, materials processing, palletizing/wrapping, paper, recycling, retail and warehousing.

  • AB-MZPA Conveyor

  • Alba Catalog

  • CDLR-Conveyor

  • Drag-Chain-Conveyor

  • Gravity Roller Conveyor

  • Pallet-Lift-N-Rotate

  • Pallet-Stacker-Dispenser

  • Transfer-Conveyor

  • Turntables-Electric-Pneumatic


Since its founding in 1947, Albion has evolved into The Caster Experts and one of the most recognized names in the material handling industry. That’s because we do more than just sell wheels and casters. We deliver custom-engineered, reliable solutions for the most challenging material handling problems. As a world leader in the design and production of institutional and industrial casters and wheels, our growth is built on the challenges nobody else will take.

  • Albion Catalog


AmbaFlex is the partner for customized material handling systems based on spiral conveying technology! Our unique SpiralVeyor is used in a wide range of markets and applications for vertical transportation, temporary storage and the accumulation of single goads and packed products. We are an independent global company that has developed, produces and also maintains the SpiralVeyor system to ensure that our customers receive the most cost effective solutions available today.
Users all over the world already appreciate the level of quality we deliver and our proven experience in their markets. To maintain this leading and trendsetting position, we continuously invest in product innovation and the development of functional solutions in close cooperation with our customers.
We prefer to work with our customers based on mutual respect and through a continuing dialogue.

  • AmbaFlex Accu Veyor AVS

  • AmbaFlex AVX

  • AmbaFLex Portal Concept

  • AmbaFlex Spiral Connect

  • AmbaFlex Spiral Veyor ML

  • AmbaFlex Spiral Veyor SVm

  • AmbaFlex SV-Series

  • AmbaFlex SVX-DL

Anver Corporation

Trusted quality made in the USA since 1968. A full range of Vacuum System Components, from Suction Cups and Vacuum Cups, Air, Mechanical and Electric Vacuum Pumps and Vacuum Generators, and Ergonomic Vacuum Lifters, to complete Vacuum Lifting Systems. We are the leading North American manufacturer of Vacuum Material Handling Equipment, Vacuum Lifters and Vacuum System Components. Anver designs and builds its equipment in Hudson, MA, USA and sells worldwide.

  • Anver Corporation Mechanical Vacuum Lifters

  • Anver Corporation Vacuum Tube Lifting Systems


ARPAC LLC is a packaging machinery manufacturing and service organization located near Chicago’s O’Hare airport in Schiller Park, Illinois. ARPAC is widely known to have the widest selection of packaging technology under one roof and is dedicated to providing our distributors and end-users the highest quality product and support.

  • Stretch Wrapper

Autoquip Corporation

Autoquip designs and manufactures the highest quality and broadest line of material handling lift equipment for a wide variety of industries and customer applications. Scissor Lift Tables, Vertical Lifts (Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors.)

  • Autoquip Standard Equipment

A-Wall Building Systems

A pioneer in modular construction, Component Systems, Inc. entered the modular building industry in 1978. The initial goal was to manufacture a modular, in-plant building system with the appearance, acoustical performance, fire safety and wiring versatility of stud and drywall construction. Using a common-sense design approach, the result was our A-WALL 200 building system. It was granted a Federal Patent for its unique ability to emulate permanent construction, and became the benchmark for all of the A-WALL building systems we offer today.

  • A-Wall Building Systems

Best Conveyors (FMH)

Best Conveyors manufactures a complete line of gravity and powered flexible/expandable conveyors. Best/Flex Conveyors save time, labor and increase overall efficiencies in a wide range of applications.

  • Best Conveyor Catalog

Big Joe

Big Joe electric forklifts have been the standard of quality for over 60 years in factories, warehouses and store-rooms across the USA and around the world. With outstanding product support and service capabilities we can tailor our vehicles to specifically fit a variety of industrial, commercial, and retail uses which maximizes utility and thus value for our customers.

  • Big Joe Catalog


Bishamon Industries Corporation is committed to providing quality, innovative ergonomic products to enhance worker safety and productivity. Our goal is to exceed our customer’s expectations in quality, delivery and value through continuous improvement and customer interaction. At Bishamon, We’re Working Harder to Make Your Life Easier.

  • Bishamon Product Line

  • EZ Off Lifter

  • Uni-Lift

  • EZ X Loader

  • EZ Loader

  • Lift Pilot

  • Lift Tables

  • Mobile Handling

  • Skid Lift

Bluff Manufacturing

Bluff Manufacturing has become a leading provider of steel and aluminum boards and plates, portable yard ramps and warehouse safety equipment to companies throughout North America. Our long-standing commitment to the highest quality and outstanding customer service has helped to sell our “dock solutions products” to companies both small and large, including Ford, FedEx, General Motors, Kraft and Exxon.

  • Bluff Catalog

Borroughs Corporation

Established in 1937, Borroughs has been building top-quality shelving systems for over seven decades. They provide systems ranging from a small back room storage requirement to high-rise and multi-level storage.

  • Product Overview


From shipping large automotive parts to protecting poultry products – can rely on Buckhorn as the one resource for reusable packaging products and services that deliver the best opportunities for profit in motion throughout your business.

  • Product Catalog

Budgit Hoists

When value is the ultimate goal, the Budgit Hoists brand provides the ultimate solution. Hoists for heavy duty applications provide power and durability at an economical price. Electric chain hoists are built to withstand the rigors of extreme environments, while hand chain hoists and lever tools are used extensively in repair and construction activities. Food grade hoists, spark-resistant models, and explosion proof units provide secure lifts in sensitive areas. Low headroom hoist/trolley combination’s are used extensively in areas where space is at a premium, and a complete line of bridge kits and related components provide effortless movement above the shop floor.

  • Budgit Hoists Product Line

  • Budgit Powered Hoists & Trolleys

Bunting Magnetics

Bunting Magnetics Co. is leading the way in metal detection, separation and movement. For over 50 years, we’ve taken metal precisely where it needs to go – out, over, up and even on – in a variety of industries including plastics, recycling, food processing and packaging and packaging, feed an grain, pharmaceuticals and chemicals, printing and more.

  • Bunting Magnetics

Bushman Equipment Inc.

We have the people, the experience, the facilities, and the technology to custom engineer and manufacture equipment to optimize your production process and to improve your product quality and productivity.

  • Floor Based Equipment

  • Below-the-Hook Solutions

Cambridge Inc.

Cambridge is a woman-owned, veteran-owned company headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, with multiple regional and global offices. We support vital national security interests by creating, implementing and operating communication, surveillance, intelligence, security, information technology and training solutions for our clients.

  • Cambridge Product Catalog

Chantland Pulley

The Chantland Company has long been recognized as the world leader in unit handling and specialty pulleys and rollers.
And for good reason. Pulleys and rollers are not just part of our product line. They are our ONLY business.

  • Chantland Pulleys

Chester Hoist

Chester Hoists specializes in matching the exact product to satisfy specific job needs. From low headroom manual hoists for military applications to spark-resistant hoist/trolley combinations for use on offshore oil platforms, Chester Hoist has the expertise to design products to get the job done. The company specializes in engineered products for special requirements such as those for use in hazardous areas, corrosive environments, clean rooms, and other demanding applications.

  • Chester Hoist

Cleveland Tramrail

Cleveland Tramrail® Patented Tarca® Track Cranes continue to be the benchmark of overhead cranes. We’ve built a reputation based on quality products, top notch service, engineering experience, and application knowledge. This combination allows us to provide flexible integrated solutions. Cleveland Tramrail’s unique Tarca® Track, with its special raised tread and high carbon track, is superior to I-Beams in strength, durability, and consistency. Our rails permit the use of underhung carriers operating on a single straight, curved, or inclined track or operating on two or more straight track runways.

  • Cleveland Tramrail Crane


At Colson Caster, we define innovation. Since 1885, we’ve provided our clients with state-of-the-art industrial casters, swivel or rigid casters, stainless steel casters, as well as many other types of caster wheels and bumpers. Our commitment to caster technology and our customers has made Colson a leader in the caster industry. We simply listen to our customers’ needs and provide the right caster for the application.

  • Colson Catalog

Columbus Mckinnon

With more than a century of experience providing products and solutions for industrial manufacturing and construction, the CM brand has developed a loyal following with users around the globe. Products such as the Lodestar electric chain hoist and the orange pin shackles are requested by name due to their reputation for durability and long life. Products are available for individual purpose, but due to the expansive line of products that provides complete solutions for overhead lifting applications, items are also easily combined to offer comprehensive systems to satisfy the exact requirements of users. From heavy-duty hoists for environments such as steel production to general duty chain and hooks for commercial use, the CM name represents a legacy of expertise in the market.

  • CM Hoist & Trolley

Complex Steel & Wire

Find out how our wire rack decking, wire partitions, and storage lockers products can make your facility safer, more efficient and easier to maintain.

Dehnco Workstations

Dehnco supplies heavy duty, industrial Carton Storage Stands to meet most Carton Storage Stands requirements… AT A PRICE YOU CAN AFFORD!

  • Heavy Duty Workstations

Demag Cranes & Components

We offer our customers a complete range of cranes, drives and handling technology for every application – optimized by comprehensive sales and service support. These solutions provide our customers, which range from small workshops to major industrial enterprises, with valuable quality and efficiency benefits. Our extensive product range includes a wide range of solutions for specific industries for travel applications, load handling at the workplace and material flow in production and storage. The Demag crane experts always focus on the benefits for our customers – high safety, maximum reliability and excellent performance.

  • Demag Catalog

  • Demag KBK Modular Crane System


Dorner’s wide variety of belt, modular belt, and flexible chain conveyors are designed to move your product to the exact location, at the exact time and in the exact position it needs to be for the next phase of the production line. With benefits such as industry best product transfers, unique elevation changes, and in-house belting capabilities, Dorner is leading the market in precision conveyance. Learn More about Dorner (

Using Dorner’s Online Configurator, you can design and engineer simple or complex conveyors to meet your needs in minutes. The industry leading tool delivers a complete 3D CAD assembly model for instant validation of fit. Check out D-Tools and build your conveyor today! (

  • 1100 Series Conveyors

  • 2200 Series Conveyors

  • 2200 Series Precision Move Pallet Systems

  • 3200 Series Conveyors

  • 3200 Series Conveyors with Intralox ARB

  • Sanitary Conveyors

  • SmartFlex Conveyors

  • SmartFlex Pallet Systems


Duct-O-Wire is the Leader in Electrification and Control Products for Overhead Cranes, Monorails, Hoists, Trolleys, Automatic Stacker-Retrieval Systems and Material Handling Applications Requiring Safe and Economical Moving Power Solutions.

  • Industrial Festooning Systems

  • Enclosed Pendant Push Button Stations

Eagle Packaging

Eagle Packaging Machinery is a USA based manufacturer of case erecting, tray forming and robotic palletizing technology. Established in 1998, Eagle has developed a diverse product line that includes the capability of forming and sealing corrugated trays and cases with glue, tape or through self locking. With installations globally, we have successfully installed machines in a diverse range of industries including food, beverage, automobile, apparel, health, beauty, printing, pharmaceutical, and consumer electronics. Our exciting product line includes well-known brands like PopLok, Vassoyo, Boxxer, Z Zag robotic palletizer for all shapes and sizes nof cases and trays.

  • Eagle Packaging Overview


After more than 100 years, EQUIPTO’s customer base reached across the U.S. and into many other countries. In an effort to centralize management and production, EQUIPTO relocated its global headquarters to Tatamy, Pennsylvania. As EQUIPTO continues to grow and extend its product lines, customers can expect the same innovation and quality that has made EQUIPTO what it is today: The industry leader in space utilization products.

  • Equipto Overview


Eriez, world authority in advanced technology for magnetic, vibratory and inspection system applications… designs, develops, manufactures and markets magnetic separation, metal detection and materials feeding, screening, conveying and controlling equipment for process and metalworking industries.

  • Eriez Catalog

Fairbanks Scales

Since 1830, when Thaddeus Fairbanks invented the platform scale and founded the company that still bears his name, Fairbanks Scales has been meeting the world’s weighing needs by providing customers with quality products and reliable service. Fairbanks Scales has survived civil war, world wars, natural disasters, economic collapse, and various mergers and ownership transitions to become one of the oldest manufacturing companies in the United States. Today, we continue to remain a leader in the weighing industry by constantly exploring advanced weighing and electronics technology. With more than 700 employees nationwide, we are dedicated to providing service and technical support around the world. From North America or the Pacific Rim, we serve every industry that weighs.

  • IM 6000 Scales

Gorbel Inc.

As an innovator and leader in the enclosed track work station crane industry, Gorbel provides a wide variety of overhead handling solutions that handle loads from 50 lbs. up to 40 tons. Our work station crane systems include ceiling mounted bridge cranes and monorails, freestanding work station bridge cranes, track systems, work station jibs, and articulating jib cranes. We’ve added gantry cranes, light capacity jibs and Intelligent Assist Devices (G-Force). We are also a leading manufacturer of high-performance manual and motorized I-beam jib cranes.

  • Gorbel Crane Technology

  • Intelligent Lifting Devices

  • Jib Crane Catalog

  • Pre-Engineered Tarca Crane Systems

  • Ranger Mobile

  • Tether Track Fall Protection

  • Tool Solutions

  • Workstation Cranes

  • GS Series Hoists

Hamilton Caster

With a rich history in the industry Hamilton Caster offers exceptional service and products. Find a full line of trucks, dollies and trailers. You’ll also casters and wheels of every kind. Look for heavy-duty forged steel casters, dual-wheel forged steel casters, kingpinless style casters, medium-and-light-duty casters, stainless steel casters, pneumatic & semi-pneumatic casters, flanged & V-groove casters, floor truck locks, wheels, trailers, platform trucks, shelf trucks, hand trucks, dollies and specialty trucks.

  • Hamilton Casters Product Guide


Recognized as a market leader and innovator in the hoist and crane industry, Harrington Hoists, Inc. provides a wide variety of lifting solutions for many industrial applications. Our top quality products include electric and air powered chain hoists and trolleys, electric wire rope hoists and trolleys, lever hoists, manual hand chain hoists, push and geared trolleys, overhead cranes, crane accessories and a full line of replacement parts. Harrington Hoists, Inc. is ISO 9001:2008 certified. Harrington sells products through qualified, local industrial distributors, rigging supply, material handling distributors and crane builders throughout the U.S. We have also created a nationwide system of certified repair centers to support service needs after the sale. We pride ourselves for offering the highest quality products and for our passion to provide the best possible service and support to our customers. Our main goal is to exceed every customer’s expectations.

  • Complete Cranes

  • Crane Components

  • Electric Chain Hoists

  • Electric Wire Rope Hoists

  • Product Line Summary

  • Ergonomic Material Handling Solutions


Herkules Equipment Corporation manufactures innovative products: ergonomically-sound, customized industrial lifts; powerful, American-made shop lifts; industry-leading paint gun washers; environment-preserving crushers and ergonomic-friendly handling equipment that out-performs brand name products. Herkules products are manufactured in our Walled Lake, Michigan plant, and supported by our US-based customer service team. We invite you to visit our product line websites and see how Herkules products provide the strength, reliability & support your company needs.

  • Product Line

Husky Rack & Wire

Rack & Wire Partitions & Decking
Husky manufactures several lines of high quality pallet rack and wire decking plus a full range of pallet rack accessories. Their brands include Invincible, Reliable, TUF Rack, and Rack Guard. Husky was the industry originator of the 48-Hour Quick Ship program, which continues today as the most reliable in the industry.

  • Husky Aisle Shield

  • Husky Selective Rack

  • Husky Wire Decking

  • Husky Aisle Shield

  • Husky Rack Guard

  • Husky EZ-Wire

  • Husky Cable Reel Rack

  • Husky Machine Guarding

Hytrol Conveyor Company

Unit Handling Conveyor Systems

Our 40-year partnership with Hytrol Conveyors makes it our key strategic partnership, allowing us to bring Hytrol quality and innovations to our customers. Every day we work with the experts at Hytrol to bring quality and cost-effective solutions to distribution, pharmaceutical, food/beverage and other industries. Hytrol Conveyor Company manufacturers the most complete line of unit handling conveying equipment in the world. Hytrol’s reputation was built on having the industry’s largest selection of conveyor and components ready to ship in 24 hours.

  • Hytrol Catalog


Interroll is manufacturer of key products for unit load handling systems, internal logistics and automation. These solutions are used primarily within the area of food processing, airport logistics, postal services, distribution and in various segments of industry.

  • Interroll Conveyor Components


Standard and Custom Conveying Equipment

Intralox is an exciting company that offers new conveyor technology for many industries, including modular plastic belting. Intralox’s Activated Roller Belt (ARB) technology has been called the most exciting conveyor technology to come along in decades.

  • Company Brochure

  • Intralox vs Flat Belt

  • Intralox vs Metal Belt

  • Intralox vs. Spiral

J-Tec Industries

J-tec Industries is a custom designer, fabricator and manufacturer of material handling equipment such as industrial carts (or dollies as they are commonly referred), warehouse equipment, shipping racks and more. Our own CarryMore® Tugger Cart System is a leading example in the industry of our design capabilities. Both center-steer and quad-steer versions of this industrial tugger cart (or mother cart) are available and allow for virtually unlimited customization and heavy weight capacities in the roller carts (or daughter carts) that ride on top.

  • Product Line

Jamco Products

Jamco’s all welded construction is extra heavy duty for durability of products used to store or transport materials such as mobile & fixed workspaces, transporters and storage cabinets; and will outlast and out-perform bolt-together and lighter gauge welded products many times over.

  • Jamco Carts & Dollies


Jesco Industries manufactures over 50 different sizes of self-dumping hoppers in a variety of capacities. Since the beginning, specialties have always been a strong part of our company. Our customers appreciate the quality of products we produce. A few years back, we developed a new line of dumpers called JESCOHydratilt and offer them in five different sizes operating off the hydraulic system of a forklift. We also expanded our specialty lines to include Side Pivot Hopper, Filer Press Hoppers, Low Profile Portable Hoppers and Rotator Boxes. We accept the challenges involved in a uniquely designed unit and look forward to our next design challenge.

  • Jesco Catalog

Konstant Racking & Storage Solutions

For the past 22 years, The Econo-Rack Group of Companies has been delivering efficiency to the intralogistics market through our products and services. From our humble beginnings we have grown to one of the largest material handling equipment companies in the world. At the same time, our products and services portfolio has diversified…from supplying simple storage products in the local markets we serve to providing automated solutions around the world. To efficiently service this expanding range of customer expectations, we started planning changes to our operations three years ago. Today we are excited to announce the result of our efforts. Our many brands have been simplified to specialize on the specific markets they serve. Konstant® is the new name for our parent company (previously “The Econo-Rack Group Inc.”).

  • Konstant Cantilever Rack

  • Konstant Carton Flow Rack

  • Konstant Pallet Flow Rack

  • Konstant Selective Racking

  • Konstant Push Back Rack Systems

Lewis Systems

LewisBins+™ combines proven products, manufacturing expertise and application insight to help companies add efficiency to their operation. Pioneers in Material Handling, LEWISBins+ is a division of ORBIS Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Menasha Corporation. Founded in 1849, we have been pioneers in the material handling industry; introducing the first reusable plastic container in North America. Our aggressive support and strong values combine to provide our customers with a great experience.

  • Lewis Catalog