24 VDC Powered Roller Conveyors

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Smart Conveyor – Motor Driven Roller Technology in Motion

This new state of the art technology allows for zone-to-zone control through Ethernet/IP communication. Zone and product control is now easy to monitor and control with the Smart MDR Conveyor. These conveyors include 1.9” and 2.5” roller sizes capable of moving a wide range of product sizes and weights. The controllers are available in programmable or fixed formats capable of handling simple to complex systems and are easily modified for future growth.

Smart Conveyors are zero pressure accumulating conveyors featuring Motorized Driven Rollers and controllers from Itoh Denki. Easily configure motor parameters with freely available software.

  • 3 inputs and 5 outputs per card through I/O connections
  • Easily integrates with Logix 5000
  • Connect to PLC’s through Ethernet/IP

Benefits of MDR:

  • Simple to install
  • Flexible for future growth
  • Operates safely and quietly
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy to maintain

24 VDC MDR Carton/Package Conveyors are available with various load capacities, roller diameters and zone lengths. (Capacities range from 70# up to 350# per zone.) Standard straight sections in 1 ft. increments, 30°-45°-90° curves with tapered rollers, spurs and right angle transfers.

24 VDC MDR carton/package handling products include transportation, accumulation, curves, belted zones, belt transfers and gates.

24 VDC MDR pallet handling products include CDLR, chain transfers and transfer carts.

24 VDC MDR conveyor systems are used in many industries such as the automotive, bottling and canning, chemical, corrugated, distribution, food, fiberglass, plate glass, building materials and many other manufacturing industries.


Smart Conveyor


24 VDC Powered Roller Conveyors

The Powered Roller Accumulator conveyor has revolutionized the automated conveyor industry. Motorized rollers drive the conveyors eliminating the need for drive belts, chains or line shafts.

596 PRA


596 PRA-2PV


596 PRA-3PV


796 PRA


796 PRA-2PV


796 PRA-3PV


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