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Our pallet flow and carton flow designs are engineered to perform and manufactured to last. With custom solutions for all applications, from economical shallow depth pick module systems to the most challenging deep lane flow systems in harsh environments. You can choose from a variety of system types to meet your unique pallet/carton flow application requirements. Taylor Material Handling & Conveyor is an authorized distributor/dealer for Mallard, Unarco RhinoTrac, Konstant Storage Systems. Contact us today for a no-obligation discussion and a pallet flow, carton flow racking quote. We can meet with you at your location, if required.

Pallet Flow Racks

  • Konstant

    A well-designed material handling system integrates ideas and components to provide the most cost effective solution for a particular need. Innovative ideas are the foundation of KONSTANT®. We continue to develop new components and products to advance the material handling industry.

  • Mallard Pallet Flow

    Mallard has the widest array of pallet flow lane solutions available in the industry. We take pride in developing solutions that are custom tailored to our users’ specific needs, instead of forcing them to adapt their processes to a “one size fits all” approach.

  • Mallard Pallet Flow Separators

    Mallard’s Case-Pick Separator holds and locks rear
    pallets a comfortable 4-6” behind the front pallet
    allowing cases to be picked and the empty pallet
    safely removed before releasing rear pallets to index

  • Mallard Pallet Flow Speed Controller

    Mallard speed controllers ensure safe advancement of
    the pallet load down the pallet flow lane for all items
    from lightweight containers to 3,000 lb., multi-level
    pallets. Similar to an automotive “shoe” brake – as
    the pallet picks up speed advancing down the lane,
    the internal gearing forces the brake pads against the
    inner surface of the brake hub to slow the pallet, or
    container, to a safe speed.

  • 3D Storage Solutions

    3D Storage Solutions Pallet Flow has a very versatile selection to choose from. Their deep lane pallet flow with wheels in a single-double-single configuration are set for standard GMA/CHEP pallets.

Carton Flow Racks

  • RhinoTrac

    RhinoTrac Carton Flow Rack is the answer to carton flow maintenance headaches. Full-Width rollers in pre-assembled units install with ease on any pallet rack manufacturers’ product. RhinoTrac is manufactured at UNARCO to ship with the rest of your Carton Flow Rack.

  • Mallard

    Mallard Gravity-fed carton flow is an effective, affordable way to save space, consolidate order picking activity and increase pick locations within your existing space. Cartons are fed into storage lanes from one aisle and flow to the opposite aisle for full and split-case picking, separating picking and replenishment activities.

  • Unex FlowCell

    One of the best ways to boost productivity, improve ergonomics, eliminate waste and maximize your space is to implement FlowCell flow rack and workstation solutions from UNEX. FlowCell helps you apply Lean manufacturing principles and gives you the opportunity to create modular workstations designed specifically for your unique operation.

  • Unex SpanTrack

    SpanTrack carton flow rollers provide the industry’s most efficient, reliable and durable carton flow solution for full case and split case (each) order picking. Our patented designs easily drop into your existing structures and create the ultimate carton flow rack roller system, keeping product at the pick point for the worker.

  • 3D Storage Solutions

    3D Storage Solutions Carton Flow is abuse resistance, virtually impossible to damage; Carton size and weight flexibility eliminates the need to re-profile. Smooth flowing ball bearing steel wheels means less slope required. Welded one piece frame, powder coated tough for long lasting life.

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