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Chain Conveyors
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Taylor Material Handling & Conveyor is a Roach and Alba distributor/dealer for chain conveyors and drag chain conveyors. Chain conveyor systems are ideal for the movement of parts, pallets, and more and are available with many different drive options. They are often used as a component of an entire product transfer solution, moving material through production lines. Contact Taylor Material Handling & Conveyor to discuss your application under no-obligation.

  • CD 280

    Chain drag conveyors convey heavy duty unit loads and often are suited for products with unusual conveying characteristics such as pallets or specialty tote pans. Unit shown features OPTIONAL structural construction.

  • Drag Chain Conveyor

    Alba’s standard drag chain conveyors, up to 4,000 lbs. capacity, are used to move product and pallets in and around manufacturing and/or warehousing facilities; especially product that will not convey well on rollers. Drag chain conveyors consist of heavy gauge formed chain rails with a welded steel frame, UHMW wear strips and adjustable heavy-duty structural steel supports, our conveyor can withstand the daily demands of a tough environment. Standard speeds are 30, 45 and 60 FPM.

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  • CDLR-Chain Conveyors & Transfers Photo Gallery

    CDLR-Chain Conveyors & Transfers Photo Gallery

  • Extendable Drag Chain Conveyor

    Extendable Drag Chain Conveyor

  • Table Top Chain Conveyors

    Table Top Chain Conveyors

  • AquaLine Conveyors

    AquaLine Conveyors

  • Drag Chain Transfer and Turntable

    Drag Chain Transfer and Turntable

  • Rock Solid Conveyor Video

    Rock Solid Conveyor Video