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Drive-In/Drive-Thru Racking Systems, Drive-In Warehouse Racks
Unarco, Steel King, 3D Storage Solutions Distributors

Drive-in racks and drive-thru racks are roll-formed and structural, used for high-density pallet storage. The depth of these racking systems reduces the need for aisles and increases space utilization in a warehouse. They are specially for uniform pallet loads, easy to assemble, and cost effective. Taylor Material Handling & Conveyor is an authorized drive-in/drive-thru racking distributor/dealer for Unarco, 3D Storage Solutions, and Steel King. Let the drive-in racking experts at TMH create a custom solution that suits your specific needs. We can meet with you at your location, if required.

  • Unarco

    Drive in Rack works when pallets are placed on rails that run the depth of the rack. Drivers then enter the rack to remove pallets. Drive in is perfect for high density storage with minimal space devoted to aisles.

  • 3D Storage Solutions

    3D Storage Solutions have low selectivity / high storage density drive in rack. Special considerations required for pallets and forklifts. They are best suited to high pallet counts per item.

  • Steel King

    For cost-effective, high-density Steel King storage Drive-in / Drive-thru racking is often the choice. Requiring fewer aisles, and providing better cube
    utilization than selective racks, drive-in / drive-thru rack allow you to store up to 75% more pallets than with selective racking.

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