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Gorbel’s fall protection systems (fall arrest) provides reliable and cost-effective overhead fall protection, reducing the risk of injury in elevated work environments. Choose between ceiling mounted systems or free standing systems to find the solution that’s right for your facility. Mobile application? Gorbel’s Ranger Mobile Anchor is the portable fall arrest system you’ve been looking for. This towable fall protection anchor is ideal for maintaining and repairing aircraft, industrial equipment or heavy machinery, or for any elevated application that demands mobility. Taylor Material Handling and Conveyor is proud to distribute Gorbel fall protection equipment with over 50 years experience in ergonomic solutions. Interested in a price quote? Contact us today for a no-obligation discussion of your needs. We can meet with you at your location, if required.

  • Gorbel Tether Track

    Rigid Fall Arrest Systems provide shorter free-fall distances, reduced risk of secondary fall injuries, such as swinging into obstacles, and no negative impact on a second worker in the event of a fall.

  • Gorbel Ranger Mobile Anchor

    The versatile Ranger Mobile Anchor from Gorbel provides the necessary anchorage point right where you need it, indoors or out. Perfect for use when maintaining aircraft, railroad cars, industrial equipment or heavy machinery.

    This new addition to the Tether Track line can be easy moved into position and erected.
    The Ranger’s sleek, balanced design allows for easy towing and transport around the job site.

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