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Taylor Material Handling & Conveyor offers a complete range of vacuum lifters and vacuum lifting equipment. Self-powered mechanical vacuum lifters, electric and air-powered vacuum lifters are all available in lifting capacities ranging up to 60,000 lb (26,600 kg) or more. TMH is a distributor for Anver, the top brand for ergonomic vacuum lifting equipment. We are also a Schmalz distributor. Rely on our over 50 years experience of custom material handling lifting solutions. Interested in a price quote? Contact us today for a no-obligation discussion of your needs. We can meet with you at your location, if required.

  • Schmalz JumboFlex

    The vacuum tube lifter JumboFlex allows you to move lighter goods up to 50 kg ergonomically and with high cycle rates. The control handle fits comfortably in the hand and allows the operator to work for a long period of time without fatigue. With simple one-finger control, lifting, lowering and releasing the load is extremely intuitive.

  • Schmalz JumboErgo & JumboSprint

    The twist grip on the JumboErgo is designed to operate like a motorcycle throttle. Large and heavy loads such as wooden boards, cardboard boxes and solar panels can be moved gently and precisely. The length of the operator handle can be varied, which allows the user to always maintain a safe distance from the load.

  • Schmalz JumboSprint EX

    Operator handle and vacuum grippers made from stainless steel. All conductive parts are connected with a potential equalization. Vacuum generator either compressed air driven (ejector up to 85 kg) or electric (blowers up to 250 kg)
    Various vacuum grippers in explosion protection design
    Complete system for vacuum tube lifter and steel jib crane for explosion protection zone available

  • Schmalz JumboFlex High Stack

    Ideal for stacking cardboard boxes and bags in the optimum ergonomic range up to a stacking height of 255 cm. Ergonomic movement of compact goods up to 50 kg at high cycle frequencies. Ergonomic movement of various goods to ensure efficient material flows, e.g. in intralogistics applications.

  • Schmalz JumboFlex Low Stack

    The Jumbo Low-Stack from Schmalz is the ideal, ergonomic handling solution for picking up workpieces from low positions or for reaching down into transport containers.

  • Schmalz VacuMaster Lifters

    The vacuum lifting device VacuMaster from Schmalz is the ultimate workhorse. Whether handling metal plates, wooden boards, plastic sheets, barrels, windows or glass sheets – the lifting devices tackle even the heaviest tasks with weights up to several tons. For applications where many hands would normally be required, the VacuMaster allows workpieces to be handled effortlessly by just a single operator while protecting the employee’s health.

  • Schmalz Crane Systems

    We have drawn on all of our experience and expertise as system manufacturers to create our Schmalz crane systems. Thanks to their consistently lightweight design, they are the perfect addition to your vacuum tube lifter Jumbo or vacuum lifting device VacuMaster. Whether as a jib crane or a crane system, the Schmalz modular system enables perfect integration into your working environment. Even as a stand-alone solution, the modern crane system provides numerous advantages for your benefit.

  • VT Ergonomic Lifters Vacuum Tube Lifters

    The VT Series Vacuum Lifts are lift assist devices designed for high production use. With their continuous duty cycle, unlimited starts and stops per minute are possible, and the vacuum attachment to and release of the load is instantaneous. They have a wide range of material handling applications and have traditionally been the most popular choice of end users.

  • VM Vacuum Hoist Lifter System (Low Flow)

    The VM-Series Lifter is a hoist-based, vacuum powered unit that can be equipped with standard and custom vacuum pads to pick-up compact heavy loads having restricted gripping surfaces. Allowing one person to safely handle these loads, this lifter features a two-button, two-hand release control and a VLS-08 Vacuum Loss Sensor for positive leak detection.

    Available with 275 lb. and 550 lb. hoist capacity, the VM Series Lifter is ideal for lifting compact heavy loads in and out of boxes and for repetitive assembly operations. The vacuum head uses compressed air and the Venturi Principle for holding the load and the electric chain hoist provides secure up/down movement to maintain its position with no drift when stopped.

  • VB Vacuum Hoist Lifting System (High Flow)

    The VB-Series Vacuum Lifting System are fully integrated material handling systems designed for fast, safe, one person handling of bags, boxes and other porous-type loads. A large, ultra high vacuum, direct-drive vacuum pump provides the suction necessary for load attachment and holding; a rugged, electric chain hoist or an air balancer is used for load lifting.

    The VB-Series Vacuum Hoist Lifting System is a fully intergrated lifting system for safe, controlled handling of heavy, porous loads with lifting capacities of up to 1100 lb. (500 kg.).

  • Anver Self Powered Mechanical Vacuum Lifters

    A self contained, self-powered mechanically-operated vacuum lifter that reuires no power or setup and can handle any product with a smooth, non-porous surface is available.

    Eliminating hooks, grabs, magnets, noise, cords and pollution, the mechanical lifter handles loads from the top and speeds production or loading operations.

  • Powered Vacuum Lifters with Powered Tilt

    Typical Vacuum Lifters with powered tilt for handling your tilting needs with ease. Powered tilting action is designed to be stopped at any intermediate angle by one person. Anver Vacuum Tilters and Upenders are loaded with safety features and have come to set the standard for safe tilting of loads.

    Each version has been revised over the years to perform better and last longer. The pads, vacuum generators, frame, controls, hardware, filters, safety features nd handlebars etc are all new and improved. Every aspect of the lifters has been redesigned and the latest represent the best Tilters are available.

  • Air & Electric Powered Multiple Pad Vacuum Lifters

    Air Powered, Electric and Battery Powered Vacuum Lifters are all available. A new Compact model range is now also available. Premium components with top fit and finish are used throughout.

    Numerous pad attachments and beam assemblies are available to customize a vacuum lifter to your specific needs. Our value and product range have made us the leading US source for all types of vacuum lifters.

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