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Conveyors are intended to carry or transport items from one place to another. How fast the conveyor runs is determined by the product and the rate of production. Taylor Material Handling and Conveyor can assist you with any of the following types of conveyors:

Conveyors can be set up to run continuously , indexing or accumulation. Conveyors can separate, induct, divert and re-circulate items within a distribution or warehouse center. Conveyor systems are ideal for sorting out products from infeed lines to inspection areas, shipping lanes, palletizing operations, packing stations and stretch wrap machines.



Material handling is a necessary and significant component of any productive activity. Material handling means providing the right amount of material, in the right condition, at the right place, time and position for the right cost and method. It applies to the movement of raw materials, parts in process, finished goods, packing materials, and disposal of scraps.

The modern area of completion has acquired a greater importance due to growing need for reducing manufacturing costs. The importance of material handling function is greater in those industries where the ratio of handling cost to the processing cost is large. Today, material handling is rightly considered as one of the most potentially best areas of an organization for cost reduction. A properly designed and integrated material handling system provides tremendous cost-saving opportunities and customer service improvement potential.

Please browse our site to learn about the vast amount of different of material handling equipment that we offer.



Swing Gates vs. Manual Lift Gates

  • Pneumatic blade style stops to stop product flow while gates are open
  • Safety pin to keep conveyor locked in to the “run” position
  • Casters for an easy opening & closing action
  • Powered swing gate equipped with ultrex roller sleeves and photo eyes for a safe, controlled product flow
  • Perfect solution for ease of movement throughout a plant without the need for conveyor crossovers or manual lift gates


Taylor Material Handling & Conveyor can provide design and custom metal fabrication services for your unique material handling and ergonomic applications. Add products to your manufacturing or warehouse facility with a focus on safety, accessibility, productivity, and ergonomics. For example, for your flow racks, pallet carts, and workstations, your special requirements are reviewed with on-site evaluation to assure their proper design and operation. We are experienced and equipped to take on diverse custom projects from small to large scale ventures. Custom fabricated products can be made for lifting, tilting or rotating or conveying materials and equipment. There are endless opportunities to fine-tune equipment and systems for their most effective and efficient operation.



Turn-Key Systems Solutions.

We have the ability to design, engineering and installation of material handling equipment, conveyors and controls are combined in one package to eliminate multiple points of contact. We are positioned to handle every step of a material handling project. Featuring:

  • Engineering & Consulting
  • Simulation
  • Manufacturing
  • Electrical Control Systems
  • Pneumatic Control Systems
  • Field Installation
  • Project Start-Up
  • Inspection & Service of Existing Lift Tables
  • Service Existing Conveyors and other Material Handling Equipment
  • Rebuild/Refurbish/Upgrade your Existing Equipment


We are experienced with material handling and conveyor applications in a broad array of industries from automotive, bottling and canning, chemical, corrugated, distribution, food, fiberglass, plate glass, building materials, and many other manufacturing industries. With such diverse industry knowledge and experience, we can create the system or suggest the product that is most proper for your unique situation.


We proudly carry many of the finest name brands in material handling and conveyor systems for our customers. We are an authorized retailer, dealer, reseller, distributor for these manufacturers. Each brand we sell shares our philosophy of offering quality equipment at an outstanding value. We invite you to explore our product offerings by manufacturer brand.

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    More items are shipped on skids or pallets than all other packaging methods combined. Loading and unloading these pallets is always a backbreaking, time-consuming job. PalletPal products speed up and simplify the process, safely increasing the amount of goods that can be shipped or received every day.

    Two decades ago, Southworth introduced the original PalletPal Level Loader for manual pallet loading and unloading. Since then, the line has grown to include:


    Transporting pallet loads creates bottlenecks as workers wait for forklifts and trained operators. A Southworth stacker is like having a forklift at a fraction of the cost. They are easier to integrate into your operation because unlike forklifts that require certified operators, any trained employee can use pallet lifts. Their versatility makes them ideal for feeding rack and other pallet storage transfer operations.


    The PalletPal Pallet Rotator/Inverter can rotate an entire pallet load in under a minute to access items at the bottom with no manual re-stacking. Jobs that can done faster. safer & easier with PalletPal Rotator/Inverter include:

    • Transferring from pallets to slip sheets
    • Transferring from in-house to outbound pallets
    • Replacing damaged pallets
    • Accessing damages goods at the bottom of the load
    • Turning inventory for mixing/freshness
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