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Lift Tables, Portable, Hydraulic-Powered
Dandy Lifts by Southworth Distributor

Southworth is a leading manufacturer of portable, compact lift tables. Taylor Material Handling & Conveyor has a broad Southworth product line, large inventory of stock models, and a flexible range of modifications. The Backsaver™ series of hydraulic lift tables are available in many configurations, so they are suitable for a wide variety of applications. TMH can supply you with a quote today and top support for ergonomic lift solutions.

  • Portable/Compact Lift

    Portable Lift Tables offer the versatility and convenience of powered hydraulic life tables in a portable configuration. Portable Lift Tables are built with the same attention to detail found in all hydraulic lift tables. They have four easy rolling casters for unmatched maneuverability.

  • Powered Dandy Lift

    The Powered Dandy Lift lifts and lowers at the push of a button providing the ultimate in ergonomics and convenience. They are clean, quiet, user friendly and ideal for applications in high tech industry, retail and even office environments.

  • Dandy Lift

    The Dandy Lift line of inexpensive, highly reliable hydraulic lifts that transport can be utilized in virtually any industry where there is a need to position, stack, transport or simply adjust the work height. They are available in a full range of models up to 1,100lb. capacity and platforms 17” x 38” to as large as 23” x 39”.

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