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Southworth hydraulic lift tables allow workers to position work at the most comfortable convenient height for easy, strain-free access. Taylor Material Handling & Conveyor is an authorized Southworth distributor and can provide you with top support for ergonomic lift solutions. Contact us today. With a wide range of capacities, lifting heights, platform sizes and other options, including portability, turntables, tilt tops and hand pallet truck accessibility, there are literally millions of configurations of ergonomic lift tables available.

  • LS Backsaver Series

    The LS Backsaver Series is the most popular line of the highest quality industrial grade hydraulic lifts. They are pack with important standard features that are extra cost options on competitive models. Available from 500lb. to 6,000lb. capacity and models up to 48” of vertical travel. Platform sizes from 12” x 24” to as large as 72” x 96”.

  • Lift & Turn

    The industrial Flush Mount Turntables are truly in a class by themselves. The extremely low profile allows the turntable to be incorporated into the lift platform with only an increase of 7/8” to the lowered height of the lift. They are available in capacities up 4,000lbs for the 43” diameter and 2,500lbs. for the 20” diameter.

  • Lift & Tilt

    They are available in capacities up to 4,000lbs. for the 43” diameter and 2,500lbs. for the 20” diameter. Lift and Tilts are specifically engineered for the unique demands of industrial applications. Rugged, powerful pneumatically activated devices for use at any workstation where shop air is available.

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