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Taylor Material Handling & Conveyor is an authorized Southworth and Bishamon box and container positioner distributor and can provide you with top support for ergonomic lift solutions. Contact us today for a quote and further discussion of your postitioner application.

  • EZ Reach EZ Drive

    E-Z Reach E-Z Drive™ Tilters combine the best features of “walkies” with our proven E-Z Reach Container Tilter. The powered drive makes it ideal for retrieval and delivery of containers to and from workstations where it can be tilted up to 85˚ for easy access to parts.

  • Container Tilter

    The E-Z Reach container tilters promote huge improvements in worker productivity and safety by positioning wire baskets and other large industrial containers to the worker. One of the most unique features is its accessibility for the operator. It has one of the shallowest tilt masts in the industry. The E-Z Reach container tilters are an ideal choice for cramped workstations areas.

  • Stack Box Positioner

    The Stack Box Positioner is designed to improve the efficiencies at any work station having to position junior industrial containers. This rugged industrial class hydraulic lift is versatile with adjustable width forks which allow for the safe handling of a variety of metal, wood or plastic tubs, totes, carts and containers.

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