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Portable Conveyors
Skate Wheel Conveyors, Rail Wheel, Heavy Duty, Light, Medium

Gravity skatewheel conveyors will convey lightweight loads that have firm flat bottoms such as cartons, totes, and cases. A skatewheel conveyor rolls more easily than roller conveyor allowing for lighter packages and less slope so they are very portable allowing for quick and easy set-up and tear-down. These portable conveyor belt systems are the ideal choice for a vast variety of objects. Let Taylor Material Handling & Conveyor quote a custom portable conveyor system for your exact needs today.

  • RA RC RD RJ RU Conveyors

    Rail wheel conveyors are commonly floor or rack mounted to convey unit loads utilizing an arrangement of two or more rail conveyors mounted parallel. Rail wheel conveyors are lightweight, economical and ship in 24 hours.

  • RCD 1.5 RCD 3 Conveyors

    New rail wheel model RCD is available in two popular styles for 24 hour shipment. Model RCD-3 features wheels on 3” pattern while model RCD-1.5 includes 1-1/2” staggered dense wheel pattern.

  • Gravity Skate Wheel Conveyors

    Model WA & WAC wheel conveyor includes aluminum frame and aluminum wheels; model WS & WSC includes galvanized steel frame and zinc-plated wheels.

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