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Line Shaft Conveyors
Roach Distributors, Light Duty, Medium Duty, Round Belt Transfers

Line shaft conveyors are powered, as the name suggests, with a shaft beneath the rollers. These conveyors are suitable for light applications cardboard boxes and tote boxes. Taylor Material Handling & Conveyor can integrate a solution from Roach or Omni Metalcraft into a custom line shaft conveyor system to your specifications.

  • 738 LS Light Duty 1 3/8” Rollers

    Model 738LS has gained widespread usage with its unique design. Curves, spurs and a number of accessories may be driven by a SINGLE drive.

  • 738 LSC Light Duty 1.9” to 1 3/8” Tapered Roller Curve

    Model 738LSC features tapered rollers to help product maintain orientation. NO drive is required since it is designed to be driven from 738LS straight line shaft driven sections and includes close roller centers as a standard feature.

  • 796 LS Medium Duty 1.9” Rollers

    Roach 796LS line shaft driven conveyors have widespread usage with their unique design. Curves, spurs and a variety of modules may be driven by a single drive

  • 796 LSC Medium Duty 2 ½” to 1 11/16” Tapered Roller Curve

    Roach line shaft driven curve, module 796LSC, features tapered rollers to help maintain product orientation and is designed to be driven from 796LS line shaft driven conveyor, thus reducing the overall number of drives required.

  • 796 LSS Medium Duty 1.9” Roller Spur

    Line shaft converging spur modules, model 796LSS, allow product to flow from spur lines and merge onto straight line shaft driven conveyor. Spur modules are designed to be driven by 796LS, thus decreasing overall number of drives in the conveyor system.

  • 796 LSDS Medium Duty 1.9” Roller Diverging Switch

    796LSDS is used in diverging applications where line shaft conveyor is suitable. The pivot section of rollers, pneumatically actuated, skews to divert packages onto spur quickly and efficiently.

  • 796 LSG Gate Module

    Model 796LSG offers the ultimate versatility–it is driven by 796LS so no drive is required and it offers operator accessibility eliminating dangerous walk-overs.

  • 796 LSX Cross Over Module

    Roach cross-over module 796LSX was designed to offer a standard component to eliminate confusion over cross-overs. Available in 2’-10’ lengths in 24 hours, Roach model 796LSX is the only component required to cross over drive shaft.

  • RBT 3 Round Belt Transfer

    Model RBT3 provides an excellent method of transferring up to 100# product at 90° intervals. And, no drive is necessary when mounted into Roach line shaft driven conveyor. Each unit shown mounted in optional line shaft driven conveyor. Model at right includes optional frame cut-outs and blue paint

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