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Taylor Material Handling & Conveyor is a AmbaFlex and SpanTech distributor/dealer for customized spiral conveyors systems based on their unique spiral conveying technology. SpiralVeyor® is used in a wide range of markets and applications for vertical transportation, temporary storage and the accumulation of single goods and packed products. These spiral conveyors – Elevate, Accumulate, and Convey – Efficiently. We have many conveying options in this area. Contact Taylor Material Handling & Conveyor to discuss a spiral conveyor solution under no-obligation today.

  • AmbaFlex SV-Series

    The introduction of the AmbaFlex SpiralVeyor ® SV in the mid nineties sparked a revolution in material handling. Paired with a simple and robust design, the space-saving configuration provides an effective solution to the traditional issues associated with height differences.

    The lateral roller system patented by AmbaFlex is simple and reliable, and it renders controls and sensors superfluous. The continuous motion represents a solution for the exacting situations involved with unstable products and high production speeds. Belt widths of 12”-24” and load capacities up to 40#/ft are suitable for cartons, containers, trays, bags and totes.

  • AmbaFlex SVX-DL

    The SpiralVeyor ® SVX DL-series (Dual Lane) is designed to elevate packed items like boxes, six packs, bundles and wrapped bottle packs. Technology wise comparable with the popular SpiralVeyor® SV the SVX (X stands for Extended) is fitted with more belt lanes to accommodate different product flows in one machine. This unique feature allows multiple product lines to elevate side by side, ideally catering to modern packaging lanes which produce in dual lanes. Each line speed can be controlled separately and even run in opposite directions.

  • AmbaFlex Spiral Connect

    Now AmbaFlex delivers the Spiral Connect concept which combines the benefits of both the unique and reliable SpiralVeyor® and the flexible AmbaVeyor in one solution. SpiralConnect concept is a 3-dimensional connection from A to B. Its uniqueness is a result of its compact and continuously elevation feature coupled with its ability to reach flexibility with just one conveyor throughout a building complex horizontally, making it suitable for the most complicated layouts. SpiralConnect – the true 3D conveyor solution.

  • SpanTech Outrunner Spiral

    Powered by a single gearmotor with 360 degree revolution individually driven. Unique drive system allows each tier to share the load rather than driving all of the chain from one end. The Outrunner design offers great flexibility in loads, speeds and incline angles. It has a wide range of configurations to suit customer-specific applications.

  • SpanTech Topper Lift

    Elevates or lowers products while preserving product orientation coming out of a spiral cooler or other application. Upper chain drapes down and rides on lower transport conveyor, acting as a moving top keeper to allow a much steeper angle.

  • AmbaFlex Spiral Veyor SVm

    The SpiralVeyor® SVm is designed to convey individual bottles and cans in single lane* or mass flow. Its compact, robust and simple design makes it a revolutionary solution. The SpiralVeyor® SVm saves valuable floor space compared to traditional straight inclined chain conveyors. It also compares very favorably to side grip elevators. It eliminates the need to combine lines, enabling compact line design. Thousands of SpiralVeyor ®’s are operational world-wide, suitable for single bottles, cans, jars and tins.

  • AmbaFLex Portal Concept

    In today’s packing and distribution processes, space is always an issue. And ideally, more machines can be operated with fewer people. Supply paths for materials should be short and when fixing issues in multiple line operations, every second saved is vital. But too often packing and distribution lines become long and drawn out, blocking access. For this, quick and easy access around the equipment is required, but without compromising safety. One belt that goes all the way from the infeed of the up spiral to the outfeed of the down spiral. No product transfers, no risk of jams high up and out of reach. It is very simple! Two spirals, one up, one down, and an overhead bridging conveyor element suspended in between.

  • AmbaFlex Accu Veyor AVS

    AVS – The new AccuVeyor® AVS is an accumulation/storing system, designed to create long conveyor belt length on a small footprint. The AccuVeyor® AVS is one of the youngest members of the AccuVeyor® Family which can offer solutions in many industries. The AccuVeyor® AVS is designed to convey individual products in a single lane in order to create “time” needed in various processes like cooling, accumulation and drying. Its compact and simple design makes it an innovative solution really built to suit your needs. The AccuVeyor ® AVS saves valuable floor space compared to traditional horizontal systems. Suitable for liquid containers, cartons, pharmaceuticals and bottles.

  • AmbaFlex AVX

    The AccuVeyor® AVX is designed for dynamic accumulation of products between the up and down stream machines. By uncoupling the processes of these machines micro stops will be prevented and this will result in a constant flow of products. This will increase the overall line performance, efficiency increases of 27% have been achieved! The AccuVeyor® is your true alternative for single-lane accumulation.

  • AmbaFlex Spiral Veyor ML

    The SpiralVeyor® ML concept is a Multi-Level Spiral elevator. It offers you even greater flexibility when designing your lay-out in 3 dimensions. Goods can be entered into the SpiralVeyor® on different levels or be diverted from it. It has been proven to be a very effective solution, especially when combined with order pick modules and order release systems, as well as freeing up valuable floor space by merging/diverting above ground level.

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