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You can save the high cost of loading dock construction, work from any truck bed level to grade level and handle unstable loads quickly and safely with rugged loading dock lifts and hydraulic lift tables. Taylor Material Handling & Conveyor is an authorized Southworth, Wildeck, and Roach  lift distributor with large inventory of stock models, a flexible range of modifications, suitable for a wide variety of applications. Call TMH for a no-obligation loading dock lift consultation and quote.

  • Heavy Duty DL Series

    The Heavy Duty DL Series are some of the most rugged and dependable dock lifts available on the market. Its wide stance base and legs provide outstanding stability under the toughest dock loading conditions. The heavy tubular cross-members between the legs minimize deflection and provide level handling of unstable loads.

  • Stainless Steel Lift

    The new Stainless Steel series is a limited line of high quality industrial grade hydraulic lifts. They are packed with important standard features that are extra cost options on competitive models. Available in 2,500lb. and 4,000lb. capacity models with 36” of raised height. Platform size is 42” x 48”. These are the ultimate in wash-down compatible lifting equipment.

  • Coil Car

    These coil cars utilize direct thrust style hydraulic lift tables which offer substantial vertical lift from the shortest machine available. LS style coil cars are well suited for smaller/narrower coils in stamping and other intermittent duty applications.

  • Vertical Conveyor

    Vertical Conveyors are the logical material handling solution when heavy loads must be carried over great vertical distances. With capacities form 1,000lb to 4,000lbs and standard elevations up to 22 feet, vertical conveyors carry loads to lofts, basements, mezzanines, and upper stories safely and efficiently.

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