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For proper movement through the aisles of a warehousing system, it is essential that the load on a pallet be properly squared or centered. This prevents cases, boxes or whatever the load is from going beyond the edge of the pallet and being hit and damaged as the stacker carrying the pallet travels down an aisle between storage racks. Taylor Material Handling and Conveyor is proud to be a distributor/dealer for Newcastle load stacking and squaring equipment that will solve that exact load problem. Interested in a price quote? Contact us today for a no-obligation discussion of your needs. We can meet with you at your location, if required.

  • Model LP-2000 Load Squaring System

    The product is loaded into the system with a fork truck or infeed conveyor. Next, two side squaring plates cycle in to square cases on the pallet. Then, the plates retract, the load is rotated and the squaring sequence is repeated. Finally, the product is removed with a fork truck or discharged to conveyor system.

  • Model LP-3000 Pallet Squaring System

    Stack of pallets is loaded into the system with a fork truck or infeed conveyor. Next, two side squaring plates cycle in to square the stack. Then, the front squaring plates cycle in to square front side of stack against back plate. The squaring plates retract and the stack is removed with a fork truck or discharged to conveyor.

  • Model LCD-200 Load Centering Device

    The LCD-200 Load Centering Device includes a roller conveyor section and dual pusher plate assembly. The pusher plate assembly moves along guided rails and is driven by hydraulic cylinders. Device can be installed within an existing controller or built with a stand alone unit.

  • Taylor Transfer Carts

    This transfer cart provides a safe, easy and efficient way to shuttle the product from one end of the plant to the other. This particular transfer cart accepts pallets on product two at a time from the end of these conveyor lines. After the cart has been filled it then drives down the line and empties onto the packaging conveyors.

  • Roach Transfer Carts

    This Low Profile Transfer Cart receives product racks at a low elevation of 9” for easier manual loading of the racks. It then travels to the receiving conveyor, elevates to 19” via scissor-lift, and transfers the loaded racks onto conveyor. The conveyor and transfer cart are powered by MDR (Motorized Drive Rollers)

  • Alba Transfer Carts

    Transfer cars are used in conjunction with our conveying equipment. A typical application utilizes a conveyor deck that is attached to a traveling base. Transfer cars can be operated with a motor driven drive, pneumatic indexing base or used in a hand-push application. They travel in a straight line along a floor track. Tracks can be mounted above or in the floor, as needed for each application. Conveyor top configurations, electrification, controls, devices and paint finishes are optional items available for transfer cars.

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