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Taylor Material Handling & Conveyor is a distributor for Newcastle, a leading manufacturer and integrator of palleting systems and palletizers for boxes, cases, bags, drums, and pails. Newcastle Company offers highly advanced engineering technology and a solid reputation that stands behind each machine. Contact us today for a no-obligation discussion of your application needs and a quote. We can meet with you at your location, if required.

  • Model 100-57 Semiautomatic Case Palletizer

    The 100-57 is a floor level semi-automatic case palletizer. Interlocking and column stacking patterns are formed by the operator. The palletizer then places layers on the pallet automatically.

  • Model 100-57A Floor Level Automatic Case Palletizer

    The 100-57A is fully automatic and operates at floor level. It handles trays and cases at speeds up to 20 cases per minute. The 100-57A has been designed for single line, low volume operation.

  • Model 100-57SA High Level Automatic Case Palletizer

    The 100-57SA is a fully automatic, medium speed palletizer. It handles trays and cases at speeds up to 25 cases per minute. The 100-57SA is flexible, handling a wide range of case patterns.

  • Model 100-57AT Semiautomatic Bag Palletizer

    The 100-57AT is an economical alternative to a fullyautomatic bag palletizer. The operator forms layers on an air table then automatically places each layer on an elevated pallet while an inclined bag flattener shapes bags prior to layer forming. Pallet dispensers and conveyors can be utilized for automatic pallet handling as options.

  • Model 100-57B Floor Level Automatic Bag Palletizer

    The 100-57B is designed to automatically palletize full bags onto a pallet or slip sheet. Operations are performed at floor level. Up to ten bags per minute can be handled.

  • Model IC-2500 Bag Flattener

    The Model IC-2500 Bag Flattener is designed to produce flat, uniform bags. This machine is well suited for manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic bag palletizing systems. Two 1hp gear motors are used to convey and compress product. Compression exerted on bags is fully adjustable with an air regulator. Nema 12 dust tight controls are standard equipment. Explosion proof controls, infeed section, wider conveyor sections and casters are optional.

  • Model G-1200VAC Vacuum Lifters with Interchangeable Pads

    The G-1200VAC is a Vacuum Lifter with interchangeable pads for nonporous and semi-porous loads. The system can be mounted to a jib crane or overhead gantry.

  • Model 100-57D Automatic Drum Palletizer

    The Model 100-57D is designed to automatically palletize full drums onto a wood pallet or plastic pallet. Several models are available to suit most applications. This system handles 55 gallon drums at a rate of 4 drums per minute. Drums are transferred from an infeed conveyor to a stripper plate that retracts and deposits drums on pallet. This totally hydraulic system includes a pallet dispenser, drum palletizer, drum infeed conveyor and a full pallet discharge conveyor.

  • Model 100-57P Automatic Pail Palletizer

    The Model 100-57P Automatic Pail Palletizer stacks and palletizes plastic or metal pails. Unit has been designed as a maintenance free system. The equipment is hydraulically operated and utilizes standard readily available components.

  • Model 100-57DT Automatic Drum Depalletizer

    The Model 100-57DT Drum Depalletizer automatically clamps, lifts and transfers drums from pallets to a discharge conveyor. With optional pallet conveyors, full pallets can be automatically staged for depalletizing. An optional pallet stacker can be utilized to store empty pallets after depalletizing.

  • Model AE-2500 Automatic Bulk Depalletizer

    A full pallet with bulk containers separated by tier sheets is loaded into machine with a fork truck. A lift elevates the product to depalletizing height. A sweep bar pushes the layer of containers onto chain conveyor for single filing.

  • Model CL-3000 Manual Bulk Palletizer / Depalletizer

    The operator, utilizing a pallet jack, loads an empty pallet into the loading magazine. Then the pallet is tilted and lifted, positioning for manual loading. As the containers are palletized, the operator lowers the pallet into the magazine. When a full pallet is formed, the unit tilts back to a vertical position for pallet jack unloading.

  • Model 100-57LB Box Palletizer

    The Model 100-57LB Box Palletizer is designed to automatically palletize large,
    heavy boxes on wood or plastic pallets.

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