Low Profile Conveyors

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Low Profile Conveyors

Straight-low profile conveyors for a wide range of applications are available for shipment in 24 hours. Commonly used in manufacturing, metal stampings, bottling, injection molding and packaging work cells. Frame depths as low as 1-3/4” with 1-1/2” diameter pulleys are available for small transitions. Round, hex, “V” or conventional fabric belts are standard from 1” wide to 24”. Conveyor lengths range from 18 inches to 30 feet. Low profile belt conveyors can be built using steel, stainless steel or extruded aluminum modular design.

Lite Series

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Sturdy & economical small conveyors that are ideal for machine shop environments. Lite conveyors have rugged hard-black-anodized frames and integral 0.60" above-belt side guides. Low maintenance and simple to operate. Standard models include a ready-torun integral direct-drive, side mount drive, with under/over drive mount options and cleated belting available.


LP Series

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Versatile Low Profile (LP) Series small conveyors have a 1.5” low-profile frame, ideal for confined spaces and system integration in assembly, metal stamping, coding, labeling, and other operations.Many gear motor mount styles, belting and fixture options allow maximum application flexibility.


MC 300HD

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MC 300HD This straight, low-profile conveyor is available in custom lengths, ranging from 609mm (2 ft.) to 6069mm (20 ft.). Plus, with next-day delivery, it couldn’t be a more convenient solution.


  • Intermediate mounted drive comes standard
  • Variable frequency drive included
  • 300mm (11.8 inch) chain width
  • Plastic chain on aluminum bed section
  • “Sister” conveyors side by side for 24-inch chain width
  • No belt tracking or take-up; conveyor is sprocket-driven from center drive


Model 150

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This is a standard duty low profile conveyor with an extremely shallow frame depth and presses in drive bearings, resulting in a drive width from 1" to 4" narrower than other slider beds. Typically used in tight fit applications to carry a variety of lightweight packages and parts.


Model 250

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This is a heavy duty low profile conveyor that can be used when longer runs are required while maintaining narrow widths. Drive and bearing configuration is designed to carry more weight than the Model 150. Used in a variety of applications where limited space is a factor.


Automation Series

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The standard duty Automation Series conveyor is primarily used in applications where the need to mount sensors and controls is mandatory, alongwith the ability to make changes. Typically used in the packaging and robotics integration industries for a wide variety of parts and packages.


Accumulation and Sorting Turntables

RTA Series

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Durably built, but light enough to be highly portable. These RTA Rotary Table Accumulators can be configured as accumulators or surge tables, and are ideal for overnight/lights out operation, keeping sensitive parts separate during collection.

Various small-diameter tabletop sizes and many fixture options make these popular for integrating into machine cells and inspection lines.


Model 181

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This unit is used in applications to accumulate or sort products to orientate them allowing the operator to perform a variety of tasks.The deck can be made of carbon or stainless steel.

Standard Specifications

  • Standard Table Diameters: 3' to 8'
  • Standard Speed: 1-3 Revolutions per Minute
  • Standard Motor: 1/4 HP 90V DC Motor and DC Controller
  • Standard Drive: Bottom Mount
  • Standard Side rails: 6" High Rotating
  • Bearings: Grease Sealed
  • Standard Supports: 30" Elevation Top of Belt


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